Cake Agency's Christine Vazquez

Our series Talk Shop is a career and style profile featuring personalities from various industries. They are shot on location in Cherry Creek sometimes wearing clothing from stores in the area. Esther Lee Leach interviews Christine Vazquez, owner of Food Industry PR company Cake Agency at Cherry Creek Fashion HQ. Christine wears clothing from her closet.



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Esther Lee Leach: Christine, you own the PR company Cake Agency. What is your career background and why did you create the company?

Christine Vazquez: I’ve been an entrepreneur for 10 years and before that I was a corporate sales and leadership trainer. There wasn’t a big master plan after I left the corporate world. I’ve just created the things I’ve wanted to see in the world. I first opened an art cooperative / retail space from which I also coached writing clients who were working on everything from novels to poetry. We would do community dinners in the space once a month, and they were so beloved, Fork Social Lab was born from that. Fork — where Moxie Bread Company is now, on Main Street in Louisville — was a place where we hosted regular chef-driven community dinners, wine classes, spice classes and more. It was also then that I started food writing, first writing food features and restaurant reviews for Boulder Weekly. I then launched my own food culture print magazine called Nourish. Now, I have Cake, which is devoted to elevating the conversation in every way. As a writer, and former journalist, I care deeply about story — especially the why of things. We help tell the compelling stories of our clients through words and visuals. We build bridges for them. We work with those who are also boundary-pushers, like us; who want to contribute in meaningful ways to our community. The world doesn’t necessarily need another restaurant or another wine label, but what the world does need is people who care deeply and are committed to excellence, and who demonstrate both through their work.


ELL: You are a frequent restaurant visitor! Can you share some of your favorite places to eat for


Cake: Cuba Cuba, specifically for their tres leches cake.

Pasta: Coperta, Tavernetta, Dio Mio, Luca, Barolo Grill

Sushi: Sushi Sasa, Bamboo Sushi, Sushi Ronin, Matsuhisa

Steak: Ocean Prime. Bastien’s for the sugar steak.

Brunch: Basta when they do it. Sarto’s.

ELL: What are your top three Denver restaurants?

CV: Hop Alley, Bamboo Sushi and Potager


ELL: Do you have any frequently used cookbooks that you pull recipes from?

CV: I’m not a big cookbook user. I’m very freestyle in the kitchen. But, I do love to read cookbooks like novels, and I like anything by Nigella Lawson and Marcella Hazan. Thug Kitchen will make you cry-laugh. So good.

ELL: What is your best dish that you cook at home? Can you share the recipe with us?

CV: I cook so much at home, but probably my best dish is homemade Mac & Cheese, actually. I like using an unconventional noodle like gemelli or even penne. It’s more of a method, than a recipe, because I don’t really write or follow recipes, unless I’m baking and it requires precision. I make béchamel, add nutmeg or cardamom, a lot of grated Parmesan Reggiano. Sometimes also grated white cheddar.


ELL: Let’s talk about fashion! How would you describe your style?

CV: Casual glamour. Which is oxymoronic, I know. Though I do love a street-style look too. My father was a fashion executive and cared so much about fashion, so naturally I rebelled against that, and found my own personal style. I follow my instincts, not what I’m told I should like. For example, I recently wore a silk scarf as a bracelet, because that seemed fun. I also recently wore fishnet ankle socks with Jimmy Choos, because I don’t like when things are too precious. Luxury can be fun, but it’s often taken way too seriously. Glamour, I feel, is only really good when it’s also down-to-earth.

ELL: Where do you shop for clothing in Denver?

CV: Anthropologie. Inspyre is fun. True is great. I’m a big fan of Common Threads. I’ve found some of my best pieces there, and I love that it’s good for our earth.


ELL: What are your three favorite wines and where can you pick them up in the city?

CV: I love the Bigsby’s Folly Viognier. You can purchase bottles to-go there. I love Zinbitch Red Zinfandel. I haven’t bought a bottle in a while, but I imagine Joy Wine & Spirits has it, and if not, would get it for you. I think Stoller Pinot Noir is a total pleasure, and Joy surely has that too.

Christine Vazquez: @forksociallab

Cake Agency: @cake_agency

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