At Home with Television Stylist Kiri Morken

For our series Closet Confidential, we interview interesting and uber cool people in their homes wearing outfits from their closet. Esther Lee Leach caught up with Kiri Morken, stylist of the television show Daily Blast Live at her home in Congress Park.



Esther Lee Leach: Tell us a bit about yourself and your fashion background.

Kiri Morken: I am a wardrobe stylist and personal shopper and growing into that role has been quite the journey! I graduated college with a nursing degree, went into social and public health research from there, and through my casual exploration of Pinterest, realized I had a passion for figuring out how to make a photo look great. I thought "who styles all of these photos, and how can I do that?." I didn't even know a "photo stylist" was a job possibility at the time! I was in Philadelphia and I dabbled in women's retail in hopes of making my way to Anthropologie's home office to be the Wardrobe Stylist on set for their catalog. While I didn't end up at Anthropologie, I explored retail and visual merchandising and assisted an incredible prop and interior stylist in Philadelphia.  I worked at Urban Outfitters as a Coordinator for a few of the Women's Design teams for a year and realized as much as I loved style curation I had no interest in fashion design. When my husband and I relocated to Denver for his job, I immediately sought out other interior and wardrobe stylists I could collaborate with and learn from. My first interior stylist connection in Denver became my first friend and client! I started modeling and styling the wardrobe for photoshoots which connected me with many amazing artists and creative communities around Denver.  I worked at A Line Boutique as a stylist where I loved having access to amazing pieces and brands which enabled me to empower the women I worked with on a daily basis. I’m so excited to continue my professional adventures as the Wardrobe Stylist for the national television show Daily Blast Live! I’ve been in the role for a little over a month and I absolutely love it.


ELL: You recently became the Stylist at the TV show Daily Blast Live, how did you get this awesome role?

KM: Here’s my shout out to you, Esther Lee Leach! After you met Hannah Moon, the Wardrobe Stylist at Daily Blast Live before me, earlier this year, and loved your time together, you encouraged me to reach out to her. I connected with Hannah via Instagram, we decided to meet up, and I liked her within the first minute of our lady date. She was honest, kind and supportive and continues to be a wonderful advocate for me! Hannah welcomed my request to shadow her on set at Daily Blast Live, and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to get a behind the scenes peek into the role of the Wardrobe Stylist, meet members of show’s team, and get a feel for the flow of the day. A month into the role I am still adjusting to the flow of working on the set of a live show! I love styling for photo shoots, and I was curious about what it might be like to style for TV, so I decided to approach the whole process of as an experiment. I gave myself the space to explore without attaching to an outcome.  When Hannah announced that she was leaving the role, I decided that I was interested in applying.  I met with various members of the team for interviews and was offered the position.  The best part of the entire experience was Hannah’s transparency and support!

ELL: Describe your role on the TV show Daily Blast Live?

KM: As the Wardrobe Stylist at DBL, my role is a mix of styling, wardrobe management and cheerleading. Daily, I pick out the outfits for and dress the seven hosts who are on live TV. Throughout the day I manage the hosts wardrobe needs which involves placing ample amounts of double stick tape, lint rolling, and ensuring pocket squares are tidy. I must be flexible and attentive as the show is live and there are 6 live shows daily! It’s been an exciting and educational experience thus far.


ELL: How would you describe your style?

KM: This question is always difficult for me to answer since I gravitate toward pieces that feel good on my body and that interest me which means that what I wear doesn’t usually fit into one style box. I equally love a vintage bomber jacket over a denim jumpsuit and a bodycon stripe dress with studded strappy heels. Currently, I would describe my style as eclectic with a touch of the unexpected.

ELL: Where do you find your style inspiration?

KM: I am a big fan of Tracee Ellis Ross’ style and her playfulness. Following her Instagram is delightful and inspiring. Truly, my favorite way to reset and get inspired is by visiting vintage and antique stores. Touching aged fabrics, trying on timeless accessories, and imagining how I might integrate pieces from the past into my modern wardrobe helps me have an honest check in with myself around my style interests.

ELL: Who are your favorite designers?

KM: This is tough! I love what I see from L’AGENCE, Johanna Ortiz, Sonia Rykiel and Robyn Dombey of Blue Bangs.

ELL: What are your three favorite places to shop for clothing in Denver?

KM: I love Common Threads Consignment on South Pearl Street, the Ten Penny Store on South Broadway and Buffalo Exchange on N Broadway. I have decided that I want at least 75% of my wardrobe to be used or vintage pieces, and I am rarely disappointed with my finds!


ELL: What are your five favorite pieces from your closet?

KM: My five favorite pieces are my leather motorcycle jacket, pewter converses, vintage white abalone earrings, my red and white buffalo check halter maxi dress, and DJing dog Uniqlo x Keith Haring t-shirt.  

ELL: You are known for your beautiful curls. What are your three favorite hair products?

KM: I don’t know where my curls would be without Deva Curl’s One Condition! Two other products I love for styling are Miss Jessie’s MultiCultural Curls, and Deva Curl’s AnGEL Firm Hold Defining Gel. I have to add Ouidad’s Mongongo Oil Curly Hair Treatment which is deliciously light and makes my curls shiny!

Kiri Morken: @kiri_morken

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