In the Studio with Artist Laura Moretz

Our new series CULTURED features tastemakers who are shaping the cultural and social landscape of the city. In this issue, Culture & Style Editor ANNIE BLOJ interviews artist Laura Moretz at her studio. Laura is also the founder and creative director of the website Among The Colors.



I will forever be in debt to Laura Moretz, artist and the force behind lifestyle website, Among the Colors.  It was at the opening of her much beloved gallery where the idea for my own site, Annie Bloj came to me.  I was so inspired that Laura had attracted all of these amazing people through the creativity of her artwork and the way she leads her life. 

Annie Bloj: Laura, you lead a truly creative life. Have you always painted? What motivated you to pursue it as a career?

Laura Moretz: I was a very creative child and grew up dancing and doing gymnastics, but painting has always been my first love. In high school I went on an art class field trip to Asheville where we visited artist’s studios. I remember walking into this older woman’s art studio and in that moment my life was forever changed. To be surrounded in a room full of paintings that she had made and in the presence of her creative processes, that was it for me. In that moment I knew that I, too, would grow old in an art studio surrounded by my own creations. 

AB: Recently at a dinner, we spoke about your visit to the Guggenheim to see the Hilma af Klint exhibit and how inspired you were by her work throughout your life.  As your career as a painter evolves, where do you find your inspiration? Do you find that your work develops in the moment, or do you have a plan in mind?

LM: The Hilma af Klint exhibition was very pivotal for me. Hilma broke all the rules of the art world -the rules that I have spent the last ten years of my career post graduate school attempting to negotiate myself within as a female artist. Her exhibition at the Guggenheim has changed the art historical framing on abstract painting, and her exhibition has liberated a part of my creative self that I was keeping out of my paintings that now I feel free to explore with wild abandon.

My work develops “among the colors,” in the way that I let the colors speak to me and tell me where they want to go. I parallel my process to that of a jazz musician. There is a lot of intellect that goes into setting up my process, there is a lifetime of study to my craft and there are certain perimeters that I organize before I start a painting, but once I enter the painting, I let it all go and let the color speak to me and take me on its own journey.


AB: Among The Colors, apply named for the vibrancy of your paintings, seems to  gives all of us insider access to the colorful way you live your life.  In a market full of lifestyle sites, what inspired you to start blogging?

LM: I have been a writer for as long as I have been a painter. The two go creatively hand in hand for me.  My sketch books are journals filled with poetry. Starting a blog came very natural to me. It was always a matter of what I would write about. Once I realized I could write about everything that inspires me instead of trying to limit myself into a few topics, Among the Colors really opened up for me like an artist’s palette where life is the canvas and I could color it anyway I choose.

AB: What is your favorite subject to blog about?  I personally love your recipes and your beauty tips.

LM: I love to write about food the most too. My food journey is very personal to me because I have dealt with a lot of health issues that led me to eating a gluten free lifestyle. I am so grateful to be in a good space with my health and food now and want to share with others that you can eat a low inflammation diet and still love food and find a lot of creativity in it. I also love to write about entertaining. My Southern mother and grandmother raised me to understand the importance of hosting and throwing a great party. Entertaining is a way to give back to the people you care about, and it is also a  way to create spaces for others to be inspired. Like how you were inspired to start your site. These moments are magical and light me up. With entertaining I can combine my love for styling, food, music and community and bring them all together in honor of celebrating life. I think that is the common thread for me in everything. To celebrate life. That is what my art and Among the Colors are really all about.


AB: During the photoshoot, I noticed that you studio not only held your paintings and the mediums in which you work, but also lots of amazing plates, glassware and other gorgeous pieces you use to style  for your blogging.  How do you divide your time?

LM: I love to write in the mornings. I’ll get inspired and come up with blog ideas over coffee and make notes for photoshoots. We shoot for the blog twice a month. I’ve been lucky enough to work with the same photographer, Sara Ford, since I started Among the Colors four year ago. Sara has an incredible eye and is easy to collaborate with. She is also a mom of two young boys, so we are both used to multi-tasking and making the most of our creative time together. I like to move everyday. After morning writing sessions, I’ll hit the gym, spin class or a yoga session before going into the studio for the afternoon. Exercise is an important part of clearing my head to be able to be present as well as strong, in the art studio. I also have a Sunday rule. I don’t do anything on Sundays. No matter how full my week is, that is my promise to myself. That I have a day for nothing. No painting, no emails, no social media. I will usually read, journal, get outside and take time to refill my cup so that have the inspiration to be creative in the week ahead. In the summer, that is paddle-boarding for me. It is so peaceful to just be on the water.

AB: I was so excited to hear that you are working on a new homeware line inspired by your history in that business, your art, and your blog.  We can all finally live Among The Colors! How did this all come together?

LM: I worked in textiles as a trend forecaster and designer for over ten years before starting Among the Colors. I grew up in that world. I am the fourth generation of textile designers/makers/entrepreneurs in my family. I’ve designed all sorts of home goods from bedding to kitchen and garden decor. When I left my textile job to start Among the Colors as a blog, I created it with the intention of it becoming a lifestyle brand when the timing was right. I wanted to give it time to tell its own story, so I knew what products I really wanted to bring to life. 


AB: Along with the lifestyle brand you are building, what is exciting you these days?

LM: I am really excited about the collaboration I am doing with my friend Rory Lula McMallan. We are doing monthly Tarot and Oracle Deck reviews on the blog and are excited to announce that we are creating our own deck that we will be releasing in 2020!

AB: Laura, thank you so much for doing this interview with me!  Starting my own projects here in Denver has so much to do with you and the world that you have created.  Thank you for keeping us all inspired!

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