Designer Allison Nicole at the Halcyon in Cherry Creek

Our series Trend Report is style spread featuring a designer or clothing store. They are shot on location in Cherry Creek. Esther Lee Leach interviews designer Allison Nicole at the Halcyon in Cherry Creek North. Model Dorotka T wears gowns from Allison Nicole.



Allison Nicole (l) with model Dorotka T.

Allison Nicole (l) with model Dorotka T.


Esther Lee Leach: When did your interest in fashion and design begin?

Allison Nicole: My interest in fashion and design started around when I was 8 years old. I was inspired by both of my grandmothers and learned to sew from them.

ELL: You launched Allison Nicole Designs in May 2017. Why did you want to create your own brand?

AN: I wanted to create my own brand, because fashion and design are my passion, and I love creating beautiful pieces to complement the beautiful things in life.


ELL: You create custom-made bridal gowns and special occasion outfits, why did you choose to concentrate on this type of line?

AN: We specialize in eveningwear, special occasions, red carpet events as bridal. I decided to start my collection consisting of these pieces because I thought they would embody my signature, florals and things from nature, which is inspired by my grandmothers. All of the pieces from the collections are made-to-order/made-to-measure. We also do completely custom pieces for clients, as well as other sewing needs such as alterations and other services. Soon, we will be starting a ready-to-wear line.

ELL: How would you describe your design style and the aesthetic of your brand?

AN: The style and aesthetic of my brand is feminine and classic with a touch of youthful whimsy suitable for all special occasions. The brand signature is florals and things/colors from nature.


ELL: Describe the process of creating a custom-made Allison Nicole design?

AN: The process of creating a custom-made Allison Nicole design starts with us taking your measurements, and talking more about what exactly the client is wanting. If the client is ordering one of the designs from the collections, we start making the gown according to their measurements. If they are wanting a completely custom piece, then we start by making the Muslin prototype/sample. Then we have as many fittings as needed to ensure that it is what the client is wanting and everything is perfect. 

ELL: You chose to launch your brand in Denver, a secondary city in the fashion industry. What are the benefits of starting a line here as a new designer? Is there a good support system and resources?

AN: The benefits of starting a line here as a new designer in Denver, a secondary city in the fashion industry, are that there are not a lot of designers and everyone is different and has different target markets so there is a higher chance that a designer will not have much competition. Also, the fashion industry is definitely here and it is growing and has the potential to grow enormously, so a new designer could be a part of, help and learn from that growth. There is a good support system here in Denver, and that is growing too! Also, designers have started to open up more and share information and advice to other designers, so that we all can help each other and grow together. There are also good resources, but not many. However, resource availability is growing as well. 


ELL: What is your biggest obstacle in business, running a fashion brand out of Denver?

AN: My biggest obstacle would be finding good and talented people that I can trust with similar values in fashion and quality workmanship to join our team.

ELL: Any future plans that you can share with us? Any exciting shows in the works?

AN: We are scheduled to show the new collection, Spring/Summer 2020, at Paris Fashion Week this coming October 2019. We are also planning on starting a ready-to-wear line soon. 

DESIGNER: @allison_Nicole_designs

MODEL: @dorotka777

LOCATION: @halcyoncherrycreek