Molly Fortune and Abby Miller of Denver Darling Boutique

For this week’s Trend Report, we feature the owners of the Denver Darling Boutique in Cherry Creek North. Abby Miller and Molly Fortune show off the best spring looks from their boutique and share how they got started.



Esther Lee Leach: Abby, before starting the boutique, you were a fashion blogger. Tell us a bit about your website and your journey to developing the brand into a boutique.

Abby Miller: I would say that my blog and our store has always been more lifestyle based.  When I started blogging, I just wanted to share the things that I loved most about the local places I cared about and as I started posting more there seemed to be more of an interest in what I was wearing.  I am born and raised in CO (my baby is a 5th generation Coloradan!) and I (as well as Molly) always noticed that our style was a little more classic than what was portrayed as typical Denver style - which eventually led to us both wanting to open Denver Darling Boutique!  

Esther Lee Leach: Molly, what was your background and why did you want to open a boutique?

Molly Fortune: I have been in the events industry for around 12 years, including nine years at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science where I still currently sell and plan events. However, wanting to own a boutique has always been a dream of mine. I have always loved fashion, becoming intrigued by current trends while also admiring the classic feminine approach to style. Abby and I would frequently go to brunch and talk about the dream of owning a store and the type of store we thought Denver was lacking. One day we decided to seize the moment and just do it and we haven't looked back since! 

Molly Fortune

Molly Fortune


ELL: Molly, why was it important to open the boutique in Cherry Creek North?

MF: From the very beginning, Abby and I loved the idea of owning a store in Cherry Creek North, a location that is such a staple in Denver for excellent shopping. I grew up in the area and we both frequented the neighborhood to meet friends, dine, and shop. Originally, we were concerned that it would be out of our price range, but an amazing opportunity presented itself with our charming little house. Both our landlord and the Cherry Creek North community have been so wonderful to work with using their resources to empower two young women entrepreneurs.   

Abby Miller

Abby Miller


ELL: Abby, describe your role as a boutique owner in Cherry Creek North?

AM: We opened Denver Darling when I was about 7 months pregnant so sometimes I say that I have two babies. It has definitely been a learning curve for both Molly and me, but we learn something new every. single. day. which you can’t say for every profession and I love it!  Molly and I are the people behind each little thing and every single decision that goes into our store. We are there every day being at the store and meeting our customers has been my favorite thing so far. We often get asked where we buy the clothes. We do our buying at market in Dallas and will be going to NYC this summer. 


ELL: Molly, where do you find your style inspiration?

MF: My style inspiration has definitely stemmed from both my mom and my aunt. My mom, who passed away, had a timeless, classic style. I look back at photos of her in her 20's and 30's and she was wearing pieces I would still wear today. My aunt has a similar sophisticated elegance. Other than that, I have always loved Jackie Kennedy, I never tire of looking at photos of her polished and effortless look. My current fashion icons would be Amal Clooney and Victoria Beckham, everything they wear looks so tailored and chic. We try to infuse that same effortless, classic style into the pieces we buy that can be worn time and time again.

ELL: What are the five favorite pieces from your closet?

MF: Obviously my favorite pieces in my closet are all from Denver Darling Boutique. My black Commando leather leggings that we sell in the store (and can’t keep on the shelf) are so transitional and sassy. I have a bright pink IRO suede moto jacket that is so fun for spring right now. I just bought a pair of our new distressed white skinny jeans from the store that I know I will literally wear with everything this summer. I am having a gold circle pendant made with my mom’s initials and I love how delicate and feminine it is. Lastly, I love my vintage Hermes scarf because it’s always in style. 


ELL: Abby, how would you describe Denver Darling’s aesthetic?

AM: Our aesthetic is classic but always fun and appeals to moms and daughters alike. We try and find unique brands that have more of a feminine flare and we really love dresses..  We also love to support our community in anyway that we can and often host pop ups with local brands or non profit events with proceeds of the evening going back to the non profit.  Our next one is May 9th with Easter Seals which you can sign up for on our Facebook page.

ELL: What are your five favorite pieces from your closet?

AM: My five favorite pieces in my closet right now are a little different today than they were 18 months ago, but I always love classic staples.  I love a good old fashioned button up that instantly makes you look put together. I wear one from our store all the time.  Would it be cliche of me to say lululemon leggings… because it’s true.  My pointy toe mule flats that go with just about everything and can be dressed up or down.  And a throwback favorite, my Ghurka Purse that I don’t think can ever go out of style!


In this week’s My Style Guide, Abby and Molly share how they got started with Denver Darling Boutique.