Stephanie Blake of Blake Communications

For our series Closet Confidential, we interview interesting and uber cool people in their homes wearing outfits from their closet. Esther Lee Leach caught up with Stephanie Blake of Blake Communications at her home in Capital Hill.



Esther Lee Leach: What part of the country are you from and what brought you to Colorado?

Stephanie Blake: I’m originally from Erie, Pennsylvania where I grew up. I fell in love with Colorado in high school when my parents took us on a family trip. When I graduated from the College of Wooster in 1997, I moved to Denver with a friend from college. It’s felt like home to me ever since. I left for a few years to pursue my graduate degree in Minnesota and came back to Colorado immediately after.

ELL: You work in PR. Tell us more about your role and what you do.

SB: I started Blake Communications in 2011, after teaching as a college professor for a few years. We work with a number of clients in different industries, but the one commonality among our clients is that they are creating unique experiences for communities. We are so fortunate to work with many Denver-based organizations advancing arts and culture and city building and nonprofits working to meet the needs of our community.


ELL: How would you describe your style?

SB: I think my style evolves with me. I don’t necessarily follow trends, though I’m always happy when my favorite looks roll back around (e.g. fringe, neon, distressed, jumpsuits, block heels). That’s the beauty of buying consignment, though, you can always find what you are looking for. I think being born in the 1970s and growing up in the 1980s and 1990s heavily influenced the styles I still love and keep in my wardrobe year after year. Ultimately, I love the hunt – finding a unique piece that changes an entire outfit and closet – on sale!

ELL: Do you have a go to fashion formula or uniform when you need to pull an outfit together quickly?

SB: I think it’s all about the shoes and accessories. When I have to pull together an outfit quickly, I usually stick to black fitted pants, a white top and then add some flair to give it a boost.


ELL: Where do you find your style inspiration?

SB: Everywhere. I see a fabric or texture that makes me think about a dress or skirt I’d like to have. I see lines on a building that make me think of sculptural shoes. I sometimes randomly think of an outfit that I’d like and then I try to find it. It’s probably not random at all, though. I think creative inspiration is all around us and we absorb it every day. It manifests for different people in different ways. For me, it comes out through style.

ELL: Is there anyone you look to for style ideas? Celebrity? Friend?

SB: I always tune into what’s happening at fashion week and follow a lot of fashion editors on social media. My sister Kïrsten and I have different styles, but I love her creativity in how she approaches style. She has taught me to really appreciate vintage clothing and to carefully curate my closet. Ultimately, I spend more time than I should looking through online sites until I come upon something unique that speaks to me. It’s my creative outlet.

ELL: Who are your favorite designers or stores?

SB: Too many to name. I really gravitate more to the item than the designer or store. That said, I find all designers inspiring because they are taking risks and creating. Generally speaking, the more risky, the more I like it.


ELL: What are your five favorite pieces from your closet?

SB: At the moment, a pair of black cut-out boots, a long skirt with multi-color fringe from the waist to the bottom, a pair of short gold boots, a peacock feather necklace I got at a market in Berlin and a gold circle necklace that my partner got me after we had our daughter.

ELL: What are your favorite clothing stores in Denver?

SB: I like these stores, because I really like and respect the women who run them. They are Rags Consignments and Denver Darling Boutique.

ELL: Do you have any items in your closet that you regret buying?

SB: Not really! I think I learned the hard way. During my 20s I bought some clothes that were what I thought I should like or what I thought looked good on other people. I try really hard to only buy pieces that jump out at me – or that I walk away from and still think about. For me, style is like any creative outlet driven by intuition. If you follow that, you rarely have regrets.

In this week’s Cherry Creek Top 5, Stephanie shares her favorites.


Stephanie Blake: @blakecommden