At Home with Keren Nimmo of Found(h)er

For our series Closet Confidential, we interview interesting and uber cool people in their homes wearing outfits from their closet. Esther Lee Leach caught up with Keren Nimmo of Found(h)er at her home in Bonnie Brae.



Esther Lee Leach: Tell us about Found(h)er! Why did you create the company?

Keren Nimmo: I am the founder of an organization called Found(h)er. Found(h)er is a Denver-based creative community for female artists, makers, and entrepreneurs. The purpose of Found(h)er is to connect female artists to women in tech, makers to business visionaries, left-brain to right-brain in order to inspire and compliment one another in the pursuit encouraging more women to start businesses, on their own terms, turning those side hustles into main gigs.

ELL: What is your background? When did you move to Colorado?

KN: I am a mother of three girls, ages 3,6 and 8 and wife to a hunky husband.  I grew up in Colorado, went to college in Boulder at CU and then moved to NYC for 7 years and worked in advertising.  I moved back to Colorado since by husband wouldn’t agree on NYC and I wouldn’t agree on Arkansas.  Colorado was our compromise and it was the best decision we could have made.  We currently reside in Bonnie Brae and love our community.  On the weekends you will find me snowboarding, checking out the latest art exhibitions, traveling, or just hanging with neighbors.  I also sit on the board for the CU Art Museum and am the chair on the membership committee!  If your in Boulder, you should go check out the museum!


ELL: Why did you create Found(h)er?

KN: I worked in tech, product development, and most recently startup, a fairly male dominated industry, and worked with so many talented and passionate women who had these side hustles, and talents, that were never being surfaced at work.  I wanted to encourage more women to pursue their dreams, share their talents and have the courage to go out and forge their own paths.  In addition, I used the arts to inspire my product teams to think bigger and outside of the box.  Afterall, they say artist are the best problem solvers.  Art can help drive innovation and I don’t think enough people in business are leveraging the arts to inspire them. I then thought that female artists and makers could partner with women in business so they can focus on their art and use the resources of other females to start and run thriving businesses.  Too often we stay in our silos, whether it be within our industries, our expertise, or our comfort zone.  I believe people are craving real relationships and seeking a community of like-minded women to inspire, support and encourage them.  Found(h)er is at the intersection of creativity and innovation.  We all need more creativity and inspiration in our lives.

Describe your style.
Bohemian rock-star with a bit of an edge. Anything lace, leather, rocker t-shirts, ruffles, fringe, tennis shoes and booties.

ELL: Do you have a go to fashion formula or uniform when you need to pull an outfit together quickly?

KN: I start with where I am going and “what I want to convey” via my style- casual rock (everyday look), athlesuire (kids school activities), want to be taken seriously (in the office), power (for public speaking), bohemian (concerts)…you get the gist.  I start with one piece that I want to wear.  Usually a pair of loud/unique shoes or a blazer and then I build from there.  I add the pants, then the shirt and then layer, layer some more, and then layer some more.

ELL: Where do you find your style inspiration?

KN: On Instagram I follow people I admire and then that darn algorithm seems to get it right by introducing me to new people who are on trend and on point with what I like and desire. When I travel to the big cities I just watch people on the streets. Also various style magazine and Pinterest for street style ideas.

ELL: Is there anyone you look to for style ideas? Celebrity? Friend?

KN: Some designers that I follow and love including Anine Bing, My business partner Aisha lives in LA and I think has her finger on the pulse for what is new and trending.  I always look to her to introduce me to new designers and looks.


ELL: Who are your favorite designers or stores?

KN: Anine Bing, Rebecca Minkoff, Aviator Nation, BURU, Zara, Golden Goose, LoveShack Fancy, State, Chloe and Mother. I mostly shop online but when I do get a second to get out and shop you will find me at A LINE in Cherry Creek, Anthropologie or Nordstrom.

ELL: What are your five favorite pieces from your closet?

KN: Golden Goose red shoes with zebra Stripes, Anine Bing T-shirt, my ripped black jeans from Paige, black leather jacket with patches, BURU plaid blazer and a navy and burgundy army jacket from Zara. That’s six! I couldn’t settle on five.

ELL: Do you have any items in your closet that you regret buying? Why? 

KN: Less expensive clothing items, that I impulsively buy, I am too lazy to try on, and too busy to give back, that just sit in my closet and are never worn.

Keren Nimmo @foundher_co